Yes Prime Minister 2013  2013

Yes Prime Minister 2013
(2013, United Kingdom)

Language: English

Economical crisis hits European Union and the oil import becomes hard to deal with. Meanwhile Scotland threatens to leave the United Kingdom and become fully independent. Those are just two of the problems British Prime Minister will have to face that one day we are lucky enough to take a peek into his life.

Updated version of classic Yes Prime Minister series - the original idea was moved to contemporary times (2013 to be exact) and presented to public as a theater play. Later adapted for television it made the classic series revival - the times have changed, the reality has changed, but there is one thing that have not changed and probably never will: politicians will do anything just to keep their job. In 2013 version we see more of PR operations than in 1980s, the problems are on different scale, but at the same time nothing match has actually changed - British Prime Minister on a verge of being caricature is not much different from what we can see in actual politics these days, his aides try to solve his problems, but as long as this will not create any for them.

While similar in style to original Yes Prime Minister the 2013 version was slightly different - all episodes were linked by story arch and the humour was much milder, but overall it was still enjoyable experience.

Creators of Yes Prime Minister 2013

Jonathan Lynn films


Antony Jay films


Cast of Yes Prime Minister 2013

David Haig films
as Jim Hacker

Henry Goodman films
as Sir Humphrey Appleby

Chris Larkin films
as Bernard Woolley

Zoe Telford films
as Claire Sutton

Robbie Coltrane films
as Rory McAlister

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Yes Prime Minister 2013  2013
Yes Prime Minister 2013  2013

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