Political films and shows

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made." This famous Otto von Bismarck quote summarizes the politics like no other, but in modern times we have the tools to work around it. Political movies depict the side of the politics that we normally do not see - the shady deals, dark secrets, the hidden goals the politicians are trying to achieve.

King’s Game

King’s Game policital film / show

Journalist starts to dig deep into a story of car accident that involved leader of a political party just days before elections.


Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain policital film / show

High level politburo member in communist Poland suddenly loses his influence and in followed by secret service. He tries to figure out what happened.


I as in Icarus

I as in Icarus policital film / show

A French film asking the unanswered questions surrounding the JFK assassination, but set in a fictitious reality.



Borgen policital film / show

Through chain of unexpected events Birgitte Nyborg suddenly becomes the main candidate to become first female Prime Minister of Denmark.


Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days policital film / show

In 1962 Americans discover Soviet military installations on Cuba, which triggers the chain of events that put the world on a verge of nuclear holocaust.


The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin policital film / show

In 1953 Joseph Stalin’s terror in Soviet Union reached the new heights with another wave of arrests and executions when the dictator suddenly collapses in his dacha.


Men from the Ministry

Men from the Ministry policital film / show

The General Assistance Department is the part of Civil Service that takes care of the things that are too much for other departments. Well, "takes care" is a strong word for what they actually do.


Flying the Flag

Flying the Flag policital film / show

Staff of British embassy in one of the East Block countries have to deal with unusual problems, especially since the Cold War is still more or less on.


Yes Prime Minister 2013

Yes Prime Minister 2013 policital film / show

Economical crisis hits European Union, Scotland threatens to leave the Union and those are just two of the minor problems British Prime Minister has to face that day.


Yes Prime Minister

Yes Prime Minister policital film / show

Due to unusual circumstances Jim Hacker becomes Prime Minister and now can do everything... Sir Humphrey will allow him to do.


Yes Minister

Yes Minister policital film / show

Jim Hacker becomes a new minister for Department of Administrative Affairs. As a former journalist he expects to be a new broom that will clean up the bureaucracy, but soon he learn the reality of his new job.