Political games

Just like political films the political games give us chance to look behind the closed doors and see how the politics works, but the advantage of the games is that we can actually take part in the process. Of course there are many different political games that simulate politics on different levels - from the local to the global and even beyond.


Realpolitiks political game

Polish political game, which puts you in charge of a country in current or future reality.


Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State Revolution political game

After years of political instability you are chosen to lead the People’s Republic of Basenji to a bright future.


Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan political game

Grand strategy game based around the Genghis Khan and his campaign to conquer the Mongol tribes.


Tropico 5

Tropico 5 political game

Another part of the Bulgarian political games series, in which you are the leader of the Caribbean island country.



Gubernator political game

Polish political game, in which you become a governor of an African country, who just became a head of the state and now has to find a way to survive.


Balance of Power

Balance of Power political game

The geopolitical simulation set during the Cold War - take control of USA or USSR and fight for the power over the world or at least to avoid the nuclear holocaust.



Imperium political game

One of many games about space exploration, but contrary to typical set of options Imperium was grand strategy that also included elements of diplomacy and politics.


Papers, Please

Papers, Please political game

Simple game that on surface does not look like it has anything to do with politics, but in fact it is one of the best ways you can learn what it looks like to live in police state.



Election political game

Local elections are so easy to win, right? Well, try for yourself - you get a 24 streets constituency and just win...


Supreme Ruler: Cold War

Supreme Ruler: Cold War political game

During Cold War the whole world was divided into two sides of the conflict that wasn’t even a conflict - the arms race to prove who in case of actual conflict would have the upper hand.


Tropico 3

Tropico 3 political game

Third game from Tropico series had the similar concept to previous titles - you are put in charge of small tropical island and while US and Soviets are looking at your every step you have to keep the islanders happy.



Dictator political game

Being a president is a tough job, but being a president in small African country is a murder. Literally.