The Nation Leader - online political game

The Nation Leader is a fully browser-based online game, in which you become leader of a nation in one of the several locations: Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe, Far East. Each time you start it you will be given different, procedurally generated reality - different structure of your country, different set of resources available, different set of people to manage, different set of neighbour countries and foreign empires that will try to influence you.

How does it work?

Each week you have to make decisions that will influence your budget, you need to provide all the important services to your citizens while looking for ways to make some money and keep everybody happy. But not to make you fall asleep there are also semi-random events that will require your decisions or will affect the situation in your country. But be careful, because each of your decisions create reactions from main groups within your society and foreign countries, which could further complicate your situation next week.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is simple - survive as long as you can as a leader of your nation. How to do it? Easy - follow the golden rule that in governing the country the most important thing is economics. And military. And don't forget diplomacy. And industry is quite important. And agriculture needs a good care. And taxes are vital. And the happy citizens should be your goal. And the investors that could help with infrastructure. And healthy society is happy society. And... Well, I think you get the picture...

National Socialist Assembly
Labour Socialist Association
Progressive League
Salvation Republican Association
Liberation Movement