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Eminent Domain  1990

Eminent Domain
(1990, Canada)

Language: English

Josef Borski, high level communist party member in Poland, enjoys a good life as the politburo minister, but one day he arrives to his work and it unable to get in. His security pass in invoked, he cannot enter his office building, he cannot contact his secretary, all of his colleagues suddenly turn away from him. Undaunted by this unexpected turn of events Borski tries to figure out what happened, what could have he possibly done to become to pariah, but he has no clue what is behind it. He turns his attention towards his family, his wife Mira and daughter Ewa, but soon discovers that his every move is closely watched by officers of secret police. Feeling hounded he learns that his wife’s job might be in danger and that his friend, Ben, was just arrested. And then the tragedy strikes...

Canadian movie filmed in post-communist Poland (or rather soon after the transformation has started) was based on story by a Polish emigrant and thus contains the unusual look at the communism. With Donald Sutherland and Anne Archer playing the main characters this rather simple story turns into intriguing drama. The quality of the movie leaves much to be desired, but the underlying story is interesting and has some universal truths to tell, although in some parts it lacks reality and is a bit naive. Nevertheless it is interesting to see Donald Sutherland walking through Polish streets as the country was cutting ties with communism.

Creators of Eminent Domain

John Irvin films


Andrzej Krakowski films


Richard Greggson films


Cast of Eminent Domain

Donald Sutherland films
as Josef Borski

Anne Archer films
as Mira Borska

Paul Freeman films
as Ben

Marek Kondrat films
as taxi driver

Anthony Bate films
as Kowal

Jodhi May films
as Ewa Borska

Pip Torrens films
as Anton

Yves Beneyton films
as Roger

Bernard Hepton films
as Slovak

Francoise Michaud films
as Nicole

Jan Peszek films
as Piuro

Janusz Bukowski films
as shipyard director

Krzysztof Zaleski films
as Colonel Holz

Witold Debicki films
as Colonel Grodek

Marcin Tronski films
as prison director

Jerzy Przybylski films
as Gorski

Denis Fouqueray films
as Doctor Marwicz

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Eminent Domain  1990
Eminent Domain  1990
Eminent Domain  1990

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