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Thirteen Days  2000

Thirteen Days
(2000, United States)

Language: English

In 1962 American reconnaissance planes take photos of strange looking installations on Cuba. Close analysis reveal that those installations are in fact Soviet nuclear missile launchers being prepared for use. President John F. Kennedy must take some steps since American soil is in range of those rockets. Direct strike on the launchers would be very risky, landing army units on Cuba was a disaster in the past, so the only solution he can find is a blockade of island, so Soviets could not deliver any more equipment. Soviet Unions denies any involvement on Cuba, but refuses to turn around their ships heading towards the island or to let them be checked by US Navy. The situation puts two nuclear empires on the verge of confrontation that could destroy both of them.

Political drama depicting the 13 days diplomatic and military confrontation between Soviet Union and United States that took place in 1962. The film grasps the tense atmosphere that was behind all of the actions taken by both sides of the conflict. Good cast and gripping plot are the strong points of this production. Unfortunately the script concentrated too much on glorification of JFK and makes the whole thing feel like propaganda pamphlet rather than true story.

Creators of Thirteen Days

Roger Donaldson films


David Self films


Cast of Thirteen Days

Kevin Costner films
as Kenny O’Donnell

Bruce Greenwood films
as John F. Kennedy

Steven Culp films
as Robert F. Kennedy

Bill Smitrovich films
as General Maxwell Taylor

Dylan Baker films
as Robert McNamara

Michael Fairman films
as Adlai Stevenson

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 Thirteen Days
Thirteen Days  2000
Thirteen Days  2000
Thirteen Days  2000

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